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Interested in Turn Key Investments?

Passive Income With Turn Key Rental Properties

Finding an investment that generates wealth more reliably than real estate, and for passive income it’s hard to beat Turn Key rental properties. Real estate investors need to know the 3 ways real estate investments generate returns and wealth. 

  • Leverage – You can 5-10x your purchasing power by using debt to purchase real estate.
  • Appreciation – Historically real estate has appreciated reliably for as long as stats have been tracked.
  • Tax Savings – The tax code is full of real estate write-offs. 1031 Exchanges, Interest expense, and Depreciation expense bring down your tax liability.

Pre-Rented & Professionally Managed – 

Cogo Realty’s Turn Key investment properties are professionally managed and are sold Pre-Rented or Ready-to-Rent. Turn Key Rentals are perfect for landlords who need to complete a 1031 Exchange to defer their Capital Gains taxes. With the high stakes and tight timelines of 1031 Exchanges, you need to work with a 1031 Specialist like Cogo Realty.

We also know that your time is your greatest asset, so we work hard to make your investment is as hands-off as possible.

Want the Key to Turn Keys?

Investing in real estate is how 90% of millionaires are made. Enter your contact info and our team will reach out to create a customized Investing Plan for you, for free.

If you want to learn more about Turn Key rental properties as a strategy or see the actual properties that we have to offer, please enter your name and email in the form. We won’t sell your information or spam you.