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Case Study: Turning Vacancy into Profit: A Tale of Success in Coeur d’Alene 

Turning Vacancy into Profit: A Tale of Success in Coeur d'Alene


Nestled amidst the captivating natural beauty of Coeur d’Alene, where the real estate market mirrors the dynamic ebb and flow of its scenic lakeside views, even the most adept property managers can find themselves entangled in unforeseen challenges. Mrs. Johnson, a property manager endowed with more than three decades of hands-on experience and a robust portfolio, confronted such a dilemma that stretched her capabilities and tested her resilience. This case study delves into how Mrs. Johnson, confronted with a unique set of personal and professional challenges, turned to Cogo Realty for assistance, transforming a potential financial setback into a lucrative opportunity. 


Mrs. Johnson’s property, a well-situated home known for its allure and desirability in Coeur d’Alene, had consistently attracted tenants with ease due to its excellent location and appealing features. However, a sudden surge in personal responsibilities left her unable to focus on the property’s management. The home, once a beacon of steady income, stood vacant, and the shadows of financial losses began to loom on the horizon. 

Challenges Faced 

  1. Personal Obligations: Life’s unpredictable nature had thrown Mrs. Johnson a curveball, requiring her to divert her attention from her professional duties to personal matters, a common scenario for many managing dual responsibilities. This shift significantly impacted on her ability to oversee her real estate investments effectively.
  2. Vacancy Woes: The lingering vacancy not only represented lost income but also increased the financial burden due to ongoing maintenance costs, utilities, and property taxes. Each day the property sat empty worsened the situation, highlighting the urgent need for a resolution.



With the stakes high and her usual managerial prowess constrained, Mrs. Johnson recognized the necessity of engaging with a property management firm that could offer immediate and effective solutions. She chose Cogo Realty, drawn by our renowned Lease and Release Program, which promised to address her specific needs with precision and professionalism. Our program is designed to quickly revitalize underperforming properties by ensuring they are both well-managed and financially productive. 


  1. Strategic Pricing: Upon taking on Mrs. Johnson’s property, our first initiative was to conduct an exhaustive analysis of the current market conditions in Coeur d’Alene. Our findings prompted us to recommend an increase of $200 in the monthly rental rate. This adjustment was carefully calculated to strike a balance between maximizing returns and maintaining a competitive edge in the local market. The revised pricing strategy was aimed at attracting a higher caliber of tenants willing to pay a premium for desirable locations and well-maintained properties.
  2. Rapid Tenant Acquisition: Capitalizing on our expansive network and cutting-edge marketing resources, we launched a comprehensive marketing campaign. This campaign utilized various online platforms to cast a wide net, significantly increasing the property’s visibility. Our team’s deep expertise in digital marketing strategies, which have been shown to accelerate the rental process as per insights from HubSpot, played a crucial role in this phase. Within just five days of aggressive promotion and conducting thorough tenant screenings, we secured a tenant whose qualifications surpassed typical expectations.

The successful implementation of these strategies not only mitigated the potential financial losses due to prolonged vacancy but also positioned Mrs. Johnson’s property as a premium offering in the Coeur d’Alene real estate market. By adjusting the rental strategy and efficiently managing the tenant acquisition process, we were able to transform a challenging situation into a profitable and stable investment. 


  1. Maximized Revenue: The increase in rent, coupled with the rapid acquisition of a high-quality tenant, significantly boosted the profitability of Mrs. Johnson’s property. This approach not only compensated for the past vacancy costs but also improved the ongoing financial health of her investment.
  2. Efficient Vacancy Management: Our proactive and efficient management strategies dramatically reduced the vacancy duration. Quick turnovers are essential in maintaining the profitability of rental properties, as extended vacancies can lead to substantial financial losses.
  3. Client Satisfaction: Mrs. Johnson was immensely satisfied with the results. The stress of managing her property was lifted, allowing her to focus on her personal obligations without financial worry. Her positive experience with Cogo Realty transformed her into a vocal advocate for our services, keen on recommending us to others.


Mrs. Johnson’s experience with Cogo Realty’s Lease and Release Program exemplifies our commitment to transforming property management challenges into success stories. Our tailored approach not only addresses specific challenges but also enhances the overall profitability and management of rental properties. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, or if you’re looking to maximize the profitability of your real estate investments, consider partnering with Cogo Realty. Visit www.CogoRealty.com or call us at (509) 233-4020 to explore how our services can turn your property management challenges into success stories. Let us help you transform your real estate investments into profitable ventures. 

Written By: Kara Black | Cogo Realty